Lots going on in the world at the moment and business owners have so much to consider.

Will their business models be viable once they introduce social distancing if they have public facing businesses?

One major trend is that more companies are going online than ever before.

Those that are need buckets of content.

Content to explain their unique selling point and material to promote their products.

Guess the most effective way of doing all that?

Including video in your communications strategy.

If you aren’t, the questions ‘if not and why not’ arise.

Yes we are a video content creation company BUT it’s not just us recommending you think that way.

None other than tech gurus Cisco reckon that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

But if you REALLY want to get a handle on the importance of video there is just one article you need to read on video and its importance we have it for you here.

Thanks to Dawn Matthews at avasam.com who has done all the hard work😇

Here are the key takeaways.

  • More video is being consumed than ever before, and customers want more video from brands.
  • Think mobile first – more video is being watched on phones or tablets than on PCs or TVs.
  • Don’t create one video and post it everywhere – creating the right content for the channel is crucial.
  • Use a range of types of video, but be guided by what your customers need.
  • Video marketing doesn’t have to be expensive – using clips recorded on your phone and editing them with free apps or software can be effective.

Here at Ballywire Towers we always like to offer a helping hand. We got a call from a company wondering how they could begin to plan for video in their overall communications strategy.

As we provided some recommendations it occurred to us that we should put together a few tips for anyone else in a similar boat.

It can be a bit daunting when the boss calls you in and says ‘I have a new project for you’.

‘Let’s see how we can incorporate video into our business’.

Our list of items to consider may help.

In the first instance, it’s important to understand WHAT you want to say.

Video is really useful in teeing up discussions with potential new customers, helping to onboard new clients by having content there to walk them through any tricky processes on the system, to recruit new employees, or even using the blooper reel from your recording day for the christmas party!

Here’s our checklist that you can share around the office. It’s important to get buy in from everyone, even though appearing on camera can be a bit daunting.

However like going for a job interview, once you decide on an approach, what topics you’re going to cover and tips you are going to give, it puts people at ease so they won’t be surprised when the camera starts rolling!

It’s also important to consider health and safety issues like, where will filming take place? Will there be members of the public there? Do you need to record somewhere away from the public spaces in your business and if so where?

Here’s a summary. You’re welcome!

Ballywire’s Hit List For Video Production.

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