Ballywire maximises the value of your time creating video, stills and social content.

Mick Quinn and Paul Collins toast their new partnership with a cuppa!

As businesses and organisations face growing demands to produce content for multiple media platforms, multimedia content creator Ballywire introduces a new offering, enabling clients to easily create video, photos and graphics in one visit to their facility on Dublin’s Naas road.

Whether it’s business owners looking to create product shots or a stream of video content for their social media, website or LinkedIn page, Ballywire’s new offering will streamline the process.

“Clients like working with journalists who have editorial experience to create a story.”

With over a decade of experience in creating content for major national and international brands and organisations, the initiative is one of the first innovations introduced by Ballywire founder and CEO Paul Collins, who has now taken up the role full-time following his March departure from national radio station Today FM after 22 years. A native of Tipperary, award-winning journalist Collins was a founder member of the newsroom at Ireland’s national commercial radio station Today FM and spent over two decades providing morning sports reports on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show.

Having produced content that appeared on BBC, RTE, CNN, and ZDF (Germany), Collins strongly believes that the time is right to help clients make an investment in broadcast quality video pay off.

“There is a general acceptance that video is one of the most effective advertising mediums”

‘With office space at a premium in Dublin right now we are very fortunate to be in a position to introduce this new multimedia service at Studio 14, a central location which has such great facilities — and non-ticket parking!

‘Whether you are a business owner or heading up the marketing department, co-ordinating studios, photography and videography can be a headache. It made sense for us to package this all together and we are thankful to have such a great partner in Mick Quinn of Studio 14 to enable us to make that happen. As an award-winning photographer in business for 26 years, like us, Mick also has vast experience working for national & international companies, and had his work appear in publications as diverse as Rolling Stone, Forbes, and Cosmopolitan.’

‘While it’s possible for anyone with an iPhone to generate video content nowadays, we find clients like working with journalists who have editorial experience to create a story.

‘There is a general acceptance that video is one of the most effective advertising mediums and time spent crafting good quality video content means the material can be recycled for a trade show, social media, as well as a company’s own website and other promotional needs.

The studio is big enough to cater for a variety of productions.

‘When we started out, the idea of an internet video had people dreaming of millions of hits on YouTube, but the reality is that whether you are fundraising for your company or pitching for a big contract, a tiny audience may have a big impact on the future of your business. We find some clients using our video news release service to update their shareholders in Silicon Valley or Shanghai, and may re-use selected material as the opening for a tender bid. With everyone so time-poor nowadays, the real value of the service is enabling a client to walk away with professional video and stills. Partnering with Studio 14 means we can maximise client time and create top-notch stills on the same day as the video shoot. These can be of use in printed literature, websites or social media. The process can also generate advertising formatted for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We have been doing this for years for major clients who want to maximise the time of their brand ambassadors. Hence we have stacks of case studies across the tech, finance, sport and hospitality sectors.’ says the Ballywire CEO.

Ballywire also plans to roll out the service regionally in the coming months. ‘Any clients in Dublin or visiting the capital will be able to avail of the service but in recent years our pop-up mobile studio has been making appearances at major launches, conferences, and events enabling organisers to create material on-site, and this is something we intend offering around the country, we even have case studies of offering this Ballywire service in New York’ says Collins, who is seeing a growing demand for high quality material.

A typical green screen set up in the studio.

‘I am happy to have a no-obligation phone call to scope out how this service can be applied to any business.’

Paul can be contacted on +35314537445 or by e-mail:

About Ballywire

Established in 2007, Ballywire provides journalism-backed, broadcast-quality video on demand.

Ballywire cameras have captured world leaders, provided coverage of global news and promotional events, and been utilised by some of the world’s biggest brands, including Guinness, Adidas, and AIG.

We are a team of experienced broadcast journalists and cinematographers, here to help you tell your story through the powerful medium of video.

About Studio 14

Studio 14 is a fully air-conditioned facility with the main studio spanning 50ft x 25 ft, featuring a 20ft (6.0 m) square cyclorama or infinity curve.

The studio has a comfortable green room, with a couch and a drinks fridge.

Well sound-proofed with good acoustics for sound recording, the studio boasts a bowens high glide overhead lighting rig which allows lighting over an area approx 15ft x 15 ft (4.5m x 4.5m).

About Mick Quinn

Mick Quinn FIPPA FMPA QEP, is a Fellow of the Irish Professional Photographers Association, one of only 10 from a membership of over 400. A Fellow of the UK Master Photographers Association, and a QEP – (Qualified European Photographer), Mick is also the winner of six Irish National Photographic Awards.

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