At the heart of all the content we create at Ballywire are human stories.

They can be about an entrepreneur who has a great idea, even a business capitalising on new trends or technologies. However one of the most touching strands of content we worked on was under the umbrella of Embrace FARM, a support network in Ireland for those affected by fatal and serious agricultural accidents. We worked closely with Bridge PR MD Eugene Hogan whose brother Dermot was tragically a victim of one such accident. The common theme running through each video story was how tragedy came from what could be an ordinary day for anyone, anywhere, and how when on the farm you have to think twice about all your activity or face traumatic family consequences. Such was the case of Padraig Higgins who to this day reflects on the life of his son who tragically passed away in 2008 at the age of just 7. Once the editing and videography was completed and the stories went live they were widely shared on line and even featured on RTE’s Late Late Show. The project may have been completed by Ballywire but the relevance of this content remains as important as ever. Padraig Higgins the father of an ‘extraordinary little fellow’ killed in an accident on his farm heartbrokenly told of how Christmas will never be the same without his 7 year old son.

Farm Safety Week 2016 was supported by the Farm Safety Foundation, Farm Safety Partnerships, the Health and Safety Executive, Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland and Health and Safety Authority, Ireland and we are reminded that farming is not child’s play.

The fourth annual Farm Safety Week offered a week of themed practical advice and guidance for farmers and urges farmers to consider “Who Would Fill Your Boots?” if something were to happen to them and never is this more poignant than when an accident happens to a child. This story also appeared on

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